Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coffee Mugs With Tiny Handles

Coffee mugs with tiny handles really piss me off. The whole point of a coffee mug is to hold a hot beverage, keeping it hot, without burning any part of your hand. That is why they have handles. But then there are those stupid coffee mugs with little tiny handles that you can only fit one finger through. The knuckle of that one finger ends up forced against the rest of the mug, where it gets burned. Meanwhile, you can not figure out what to do with the rest of your fingers and your entire hand... either it touches the mug and gets burned, or it stays away from the mug, leaving it off balance.

We are not a bunch of hoity-toity, stuck up, British people drinking tea with our pinkies sticking out. We are drinking coffee, and coffee needs to come in a real mug, with a real handle! You should be able to get at least three fingers, if not your whole damn hand, in there! (That's what she said? ...ok, maybe that was a little inappropriate, even by my standards.)

Why would someone possibly decide that a little tiny finger hole would make a good handle for a mug? Were they intentionally being cruel to people with big fingers, trying to make sure our circulation gets cut off in our fingertips while we drink our coffee?

Come on... we are drinking our coffee early in the morning, we have just gotten out of bed, we are disorganized, disoriented, and discombobulated. It is a huge pain when you are trying to read the morning paper, and you have to reach for that little tiny handle while not looking at it, you want to continue reading your article. It is very easy to miss the mug, the odds are pretty likely that the coffee will end up on your paper or in your lap... either way it will not deliver you the caffeine you so desperately need. The bigger the handle, the more likely it is that you are going to get a solid grip.

By all means, continue serving tea in saucers and tea cups with little tiny finger holes. But when I drink my coffee, a real drink, I want a real handle for my mug.

Watch how much good a real coffee mug can do!


  1. The only thing that angers me about any of this is the fact that you think that we would be interested in the musings of an unemployed 20 year old. These are the kinds of things I would probably not say out loud, much less publish in a blog!

  2. This is spot on. Was just staying in an edinburgh hotel and it really grinds my gears having to drink coffee with such a small handle. I searched for something to validate my seethe, and you have done that so thank you. BTW, not all British people are hoity toity. Most people are down to earth and would fully agree with your blog. I'm British but hopefully one day I can call myself Scottish if we gain independence.